Vajra Barolo Chinato

Vajra Barolo Chinato


Barolo Chinato is an ancient Piedmontese digestif.

The wine used as a production base is Barolo Albe of the current vintage. The “chinatura” is the addition of infusions of about 30 herbs, rinds and roots, including Cinchona Calisaya, hence the name.

The blend is about 85% DOCG Barolo Albe and 15% hydro-alcoholic extracts of aromatic and medicinal herbs. We choose those favoured for their specific digestive, decongestant and relaxing properties, drawing liberally from the rich floral heritage of the Alps that hug Piedmont. Spices, brown sugar and the peel of organic oranges from Sicily complete the process.

"It’s intense ruby red in the glass, and the nose displays typical freshness of our Barolo, with a weave of roses and ripe cherries, fresh mountain herbs and orange zest. In the mouth it's bittersweet and persistent - beautiful as a digestif or paired with dark chocolate." – Giuseppe Vaira

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