2022 Tropo Pinot Gris

2022 Tropo Pinot Gris

Unico Zelo

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Textural white wines are something of a thing at Unico Zelo (ahem, Fiano?); so the opportunity to flex our muscles a little bit with the universally loved Pinot Gris proved too hard to resist. The big secret is that we've always made a little bit of Pinot Gris each vintage usually ending up in wines such as Tropo Pink Pet Nat or swilled avidly by our own team at long lunches. Looking for flavour? Think nashi pear, nectarine, with the slightest dose fresh tomato leaf to provide a little savoury relief from any overt confection. This is built for long sunsets, days by the beach or as an alternative knock-off after mowing the lawn!

We're aiming for utter drinkability via simple winemaking with this release, picking earlier for elevated natural acidity and a small amount of skin contact before an extended fermentation. - Winery note

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