2022 Little Reddie "Super Juice" Nebbiolo

2022 Little Reddie "Super Juice" Nebbiolo

Little Reddie

Colbinabbin, Heathcote


Slightly darker hue than previous years with a really natural cherry colour and flicks of terracotta. But only flicks. Incredibly harmonious bouquet - red roses, fennel tops and freshly cut cherries. A little savoury spicy thing, cherry wood and cinnamon and a tiny little alpine lift. Very satisfying to smell, quite varietal but a little more delicate than most. 

The palate is really balanced - A lovely ferrous quality sits amongst raspberries, strawberries and plums. There’s a delicious amaro cutting through that is in cahoots with a very sneaky line of blood orange like acidity. The wine is texturally resolved with quite fine tannin that will wake up more so with a little air.  It’s a really joyously easy drinking experience yet holding abundant and complex layers of fruit, tannin and acidity if you care to look. - Pat Underwood

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