2022 Carousal Chenin Blanc

Jumping Juice

Margaret River, Western Australia

It’s an elixir that shields you from the trials and tribulations of existence. It’s that liquid beam of sunshine concentrated through the prism of the magnifying glass of life. It’s very raisin d’être is simply to be delicious and to act as a catalyst for carousing with the fine folks with which you surround yourself. These are all very noble causes worth pursuing and Jumping Juice is your conduit to these good times. - Patrick Sullivan and Xavier Goodridge.

Vineyard: Iron-rich lateritic soil, gravel and sand winemaking picked, then directly pressed, chilled, and left to settle for a few days before being racked off its solids. The wine warms up to about 10-12 degrees and the fermentation process begins naturally, resulting in a wine that is pure and clean.

Tasting note: Chenin Blanc is one of the most terroir-expressive varieties on the planet. When we were offered a very small and beautiful parcel of Chenin fruit from the southern Margaret River region, we couldn’t possibly say no. Limes, orange blossom, tightly wound a very smashable.

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