2021 Dirty Black Denim King Valley Dolcetto

2021 Dirty Black Denim King Valley Dolcetto

Dirty Black Denim

King Valley, Victoria


Zero Sulphur

"From King Valley, made without any additions, including sulphur. It hits the mark and then some. Geez, this is good gear. Ludicrous price for quality. Just goes to show that sometimes we underestimate certain varieties, but has to come from the right intent.

Cherry juice, pure and simple, but these waves of building, fine, silty tannins ripple with authority and lend tension and pucker, freshness and reset to each sip. Yum. Floral and fruity but just enough savoury, faint hazelnut notes, green herb, light game meat and tomato leaf notes. Superb. It feels like lively, lighter expressions of great nebbiolo in a way. It’s a step up for the variety. Wicked, wicked drinking. Rated : 94 Points Tasted : AUG22 Alcohol : 12.5% Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

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