2017 Luigi Baudana Barolo Ceretta

2017 Luigi Baudana Barolo Ceretta

Luigi Baudana

Piedmont, Italy

Cerretta lies opposite Baudana on the east slope of Serralunga. The soil belongs entirely to the

Formazioni di Lequio: a thin layer of white marl covering a deep subsoil of red clay. Grapes are picked

from 40-year-old wines of multiple biotypes of Nebbiolo, representing the incredible heritage of Luigi’s


Nebbiolo has the longest vegetative cycle among local varieties, and is usually harvested around the third

week of October. Fermentation is carried out primarily in one large cask. The Cerretta vineyard always

has a slow start to fermentation, which then goes for 35-40 days on average. Post-fermentation “cappello

sommerso” (submerged cap) follows for another week in greater vintages. Cerretta is aged in large

Slavonian casks for 32 months on average. - Giuseppe Vaira

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