2009 Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix Chablis Le Lys 1er Cru

2009 Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix Chablis Le Lys 1er Cru

Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix


Burgundy, France

This wine has an imperial stature like Caesar admiring his lands, his vineyards and his wines. In 2003, front of this exceptional sunny vintage, my father took time to taste the first wines at the end of the harvests before God welcomed him in his eternal vines. The fruits of these beautiful and late harvests are kept for 10 years in memory of my father and strengthen our family motto: Vir Fidelis et Fortis (with strength and fidelity) - Winery note

The grapes to produce the Chablis 1er Cru “Les Lys” Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix were pressed very gently. They underwent a cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks using only natural yeasts at a controlled temperature of 18°C for three weeks. Malolactic fermentation took place before the wine was left to age on its fine lees for 36 months in tank. During this period there was monthly bâtonnage (lees stirring). The bâtonnage breaks up the fine lees and releases glycerine, which acts as an antioxidant, helping the wine to successfully age. The wine was stored for a further 14 years in tank, before bottling.

Les Lys is a ‘climat’ at the top of the Vaillons 1er Cru plot and takes its name from the fact it used to be owned by the French crown. The vineyards are planted on Kimmeridgian marl soils and are south-east facing, which enables the grapes to undergo a slow ripening process and accumulate delicate aromatic flavours.

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