Jester King The Oregon Hop House 750mL

Jester King The Oregon Hop House 750mL

Jester King

Farmhouse Ale - Saison

Austin, Texas, USA

We created a beer in ode to our long-time hop grower for our farmhouse ales – The Oregon Hophouse in Aurora, Oregon. Over the last eleven years, The Oregon Hophouse has provided us with organic Perle, Fuggle, Golding, and Liberty for beers such as Le Petit Prince and Noble King to name a few. For this beer, we brewed and dry-hopped with two new experimental varieties of hops from The Oregon Hophouse – “McKenzie” and “2B”. We found both hops to be slightly more dank, citrus, and pine than the Noble-esque hops we traditionally work with. However, after the melding of mixed fermentation and natural conditioning at Jester King, the experimental hops have taken on a new unique transformation - Jester King

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