2011 Bernhard Huber Sommerhalde GG Pinot Noir Magnum

2011 Bernhard Huber Sommerhalde GG Pinot Noir Magnum

Bernhard Huber

Baden, Germany

2011 Magnum

Situated on the eastern edge of the Breisgau vineyards, the Sommerhalde vineyard lies next to the Black Forest. It's a southeast-facing site with reddish ferruginous soil streaked with veins of shell limestone, with very good water-holding capacity. Sommerhalde covers 40 hectares, of which Huber owns 2.15 ha, all of which are classified Grosses Gewächs. It sits at an altitude of 240-300m above sea level and has a slope of between 20% and 50%. Planting density of the old plants is 4,500 vines/ha, while the new plantings are between 7,000 and 9,000 vines/ha. Cool night winds caress the grapes and give them great fruitiness. The south eastern location and the day's first rays of sun dry the grapes very quickly, which is ideal for Pinot Noir. Average yields for Pinot Noir are 30 hl/ha. The vineyard typically gives great fruit with clear, lively hints of dark berries and plenty of minerality.

"If Bombacher awakes associations of bombast, only the colour of the Sommerhalde with its deep plum hue and distinctive purple rim could be seen to do justice to that image. The nose conjures up an image of a hazy Indian summer’s afternoon, with bonfire smoke drifting across meadows and hedgerows exuding fragrances of wild herbs and autumn fruit. For those who don’t get out that much (or far), juicy morello cherries, ripe plums and mouthwatering redcurrants are served well by a generous contribution of sandalwood spices, dried herbs and expertly toasted aromas. A tight minerality partners assertive tannins to provide a firm structure. Spätburgunder suave and sophisticated." 19/20 Michael Schmidt, jancisrobinson.com (September, 2013)

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