2021 Gaia 'Monograph' Assyrtiko

2021 Gaia 'Monograph' Assyrtiko


Koutsi, Nemea, Greece

We first met Assyrtiko in Santorini, its motherland. There, great wines arise from porous and bone-dry volcanic soil, with uniquely high minerality and impressive acidity—wines for connoisseurs that are sometimes complex but grand, nonetheless.

And then Assyrtiko travelled across the country. And it did so well, from the Greek Macedonian north to the vine-bearer, the Peloponnese, in the south. Suddenly we saw a completely different Assyrtiko being born through this wandering.

Beautiful wines, with refreshing acidity and intense fruity aromas – citrus and other, more tropical and more plethoric – comprise a character entirely different and lighter than that of the Santorinian ancestors.

MONOGRAPH ASSYRTIKO captures a multileveled manner, which can be achieved with this Greek variety, when it is cultivated with knowledge and persistence on the semi-mountainous calciferous soils of Koutsi, Nemea.

A Youthful Assyrtiko, friendly and refreshing, which can be enjoyed just as much with fine seafood, or on its own, unchaperoned, or perhaps just with good company…

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