2020 Wasenhaus Spatburgunder Landwein

2020 Wasenhaus Spatburgunder Landwein


Baden, Germany

100% Pinot Noir

Weingut Wasenhaus is located in Baden, Germany. Christoph Wolber and Alexander Götze met in Burgundy during their wine studies at the local school in Beaune. At the same time, they were both working full-time in some of the largest biodynamic estates in Burgundy such as those of Pierre Morey, Leflaive, and Comte Armand... Shortly after becoming roommates, they worked out the plan to return to Germany and set up their cellar in Baden. In Christoph’s home region, they looked for suitable plots and selected them carefully: one on the slopes of the Ehrenstettener Oelberg, and the other in the Ehrenkirchener Kirchberg.

In recent years, they have bought several plots, some with very old vines. They grow their grapes, but also buy grapes from friends’ companies with a similar philosophy that is used in the production of Gutedel. Their first vintage came out in 2016 and it was a great success. Christoph and Alexander perform gentle extractions, with very little punching down during fermentation, and occasionally stirring to ensure healthy fermentation from the start. Sulphur is used judiciously and is only applied after malolactic fermentation. The wines are all aged in oak barrels. - The Source Imports

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