Sorrenberg 2021 Cabernets and 2022 Sauvignon Semillon

Sorrenberg 2021 Cabernets and 2022 Sauvignon Semillon

By Tom Brushfield

Sorrenberg 2021 Cabernets and 2022 Sauvignon Semillon

At the end of a dirt road, on the outskirts of Beechworth, is a tiny little vineyard making some of the most beautiful wine in Australia, Sorrenberg.

Surrounded by forest and planted on that Beechworth granitic soil, this gorgeous property is teeming with life. Central to Sorrenberg's winemaking philosophy, the vineyard was certified Demeter by the Biodynamic Research Institute Powelltown in 2008, a true testament to their unwavering commitment to producing quality wines responsibly and sustainably. It also means there are bugs and plants everywhere!

Burgundian grapes might grab all the spotlight these days, whether their rare-as-hen’s-teeth Gamay, or rich, powerful Chardonnay, but it’s the classic Bordeaux grapes of Cabernet et al and Sauvignon Blanc married to Semillon which represent some of the best quality/price ratios in the land.

The barrel-influenced 2022 Sav Sem ($62) always crackles with tension and verve, that sub-alpine edge a distinctive character in its youth, lots of citrusy lemon curd and generous texture on the palate, kept fresh and clean. So delicious now, but will also cellar magnificently, putting on texture and richness with time.

2021 Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, a splash of Malbec, and some seasoning of Petit Verdot and Carmenere ($78), all coming together in the sensational sextet. Medium-bodied, incredibly fragrant, inky dark in the glass, and fabulously harmonious, if there ever was a case for blends over singularity, this would win the day. Decant if you want to drink it now, or tuck it away and watch those tannins melt into a complex web of mineral cherry and earth. So good!

With our allocation limited to only a case of each, these highly sought-after biodynamic beauties should certainly be on your radar, if not added to your cellar.

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